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31 MARCH 2016

29 APRIL 2016

COWM 2016


International Conference on

 7-10 June 2016 - Venice, Italy 


Organised by
Autorità di bacino dei fiumi dell’alto Adriatico (Alto Adriatico Water Authority)

Autorità di Bacino

In collaboration with RAI VENETO (Italian public broadcasting)



The city of Venice will host an International Conference on 7th, 8th and 9th June 2016, titled:
Citizen Observatories for Water Management.

The Conference will focus on the potential of Citizen Science in the European water innovation landscape, and in particular in the fields of flood risk management, environmental monitoring and meeting the challenges of the European Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) and Flood Directive (2007/60/EC).

The Conference will be an opportunity for actors in the field of science and innovation to exchange experiences on the development, implementation and use of new technologies to bring water-related issues closer to citizens.



Citizen observatories are emerging as a virtual and physical place where citizens and decision makers cooperate to gather and share information to promote innovative and shared solutions. Strategic decisions and policies that impact society and the environment require intensive data collection and interpretation. Such information provides an important basis for long term planning as well as short term response (e.g. to flooding, drought,  pollution events, cyanobacterial blooms).

The COWM 2016 conference will explore the role and opportunities for active citizen participation in environmental monitoring and policy making. The event will provide opportunities to engage with researchers, policy makers and practitioners actively involved in improving our understanding of citizen science initiatives. Participants will discuss the growing potential of Citizens’ Observatories in empowering the society and improving the resilience at the community scale.

The meeting will bring together social scientists, surveyors, engineers, scientists, and other professionals from many countries involved in research and development activities in a wide range of technical and management topics related to citizen observatories and their impacts on society and how to maximize the benefit of data emerging from citizen observatories.


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